Apr. 18th, 2011

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  • 14:12:08: Overheard at next table: I'm BUSY! I'm CHEWING! (kids)
  • 19:46:10: T minus 15 minutes for "A Game of Thrones! Quick Taco run!
  • 20:19:49: Mike is killin' me - waiting for him to get out of the WC so we can start #GameofThrones on the DVR. #revengeoftacobell
  • 20:22:24: Got the DVR paused on the opening credits of #GameofThrones - MIKE, ARE YOU STILL IN THE LOO?
  • 20:24:40: Soooo bad this weekend. Bought the clearance Livescribe Pen, got a digital picture frame/iPhone video dock, a new XBox with Kinect kit...
  • 20:26:27: ...also signed & numbered "Art of Sucker Punch" book, a book of single-skein knitting projects, a fancy-schmancy Cyborg R.A.T. mouse...
  • 20:27:42: Not to mention the shtuff that arrived during the week: two air guns (for the Babydoll costume I'm putting together)
  • 20:28:25: ...and the charms that will arrive next week for the gun... Oh, yeah, and my business cards arrived... Bought a card case to put them in.
  • 20:33:06: Retail therapy... http://twitpic.com/4m93xw
  • 21:08:46: Omigawd, so much is dead-on in #GameofThrones. Bran jumping along the parapet. Arya. The dire pups.
  • 21:12:23: omigawd, Viserys (Harry Lloyd) was Jeremy Baines/Son of Mine in the Doctor Who episodse "Family of Blood"/"Human Nature" #GameofThrones
  • 21:41:02: #GameofThrones was magnificent!
  • 21:43:46: You KNEW how they were gonna end this first show if you read #GameofThrones !!! And they did!
  • 21:44:47: @Luke_Kerr It seemed like that helmet would clank quite a bit - but still awesome! #GameofThrones
  • 22:20:08: RT @GameOfThrones: RT this for a chance to win a #GameofThrones poster set. DARK WINGS, DARK WORDS. Game of Thrones premieres on @HBO at 9.
  • 22:22:41: In retrospect: doggy-style: The Official #gameofthrones position
  • 22:54:59: The Great Gatsby was one of my favorite books growing up. This makes me sad: http://tinyurl.com/3jy83gw

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