Apr. 10th, 2017

New home

Apr. 10th, 2017 12:31 am
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With the changes to Live Journal, I felt the need to move my journal here--even though I haven't posted in forever. :) That is subject to change without notice, always.

Since my last entry in 2014, we made another jaunt to Europe in 2015. I got laid off, got hired by another company, have wanted to commit hari-kari on a daily basis at the new job, and it looks like I'm about to get rehired by my old company. This is a good thing. There was going to blood at the new place eventually. Me or another party. The pain was gonna have to end, one way or another! LOL!

My much loved Halston bunny died early this year. Mike's brother shockingly died last month of a massive coronary. Mom is slipping rapidly into senility. Mike's dad is battling prostate cancer. John's dad has had a series of strokes.

I still have not ripped out the shag carpeting and replaced it with hardwood.

The layoff was shocking and getting a new job so quick was shocking. I was in the middle of pulling things out and piling them up for evaluation: keep or throw away. I got hired in the midst of that and the house has suffered ever since. Things have piled up. I am so mentally drained at the end of each work day, I just come home and sit and veg. This cannot continue. The house looks like a warehouse. I need to pull myself together.

Slightly incoherent, I know. It's the lateness of the hour. I've been caffeine free for nearly a year; I don't have the late nights in me like I used to. I know better than to promise I'll be back, but...I'll try...

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