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  • 15:09:11: I just wrote a frickin' HTML to XML parser and it just validated a table embedded in a list with a list embedded in a table. I am chuffed!
  • 15:11:17: Aw, fuck. I need to process/validate the attributes of each tag against the DTD. BUT STILL! I wrote a lexical parser! That works!
  • 15:13:21: I coulda made life easier for myself if I had been willing to search for my copy of the dragon book. (You old style geeks know the one)
  • 15:14:41: ...but crawling across broken glass? Yeah, that's about my speed, yeah.
  • 15:17:59: Getting this monkey off my back is such a relief! I'm gonna crawl under my desk and gibber a bit. And tonite--there may be alcohol involved
  • 15:21:00: Life can resume. I actually did NOT watch "A Game of Thrones" last night working on this stuff!
  • 15:22:04: Gonna nurse my booze and watch my swords and sorcery tonight!
  • 15:27:44: This made me laugh: so it's not just my fanfic sensibilities that sensed the ho-yay in The Fast and the Furious. http://io9.com/#!5797806
  • 15:37:43: Today's impulse to buy: a ukulele. WTF. :) Tuned up Mike's acoustic guitar this weekend. My fingertips are not ready.
  • 15:59:10: @DKazche Omigawd, T1 just said, "It's so weird without D here..." She misses you!!!
  • 16:12:13: @DKazche She can only show me her new scuba card so many times... :D (And everyone else in the office). You're fresh meat!
  • 18:59:03: Alcohol - Saki - about to be consumed. http://twitpic.com/4sjjq0
  • 19:05:26: Apparently I am not nursing my booze in front of the TV but at the hibachi table!
  • 19:28:48: @pete_hardie I haven't started drawing cats yet, but the night is young...
  • 20:03:43: PopTarts and marshmelons and me: What we have in common--toastedness
  • 20:04:49: Did I really commit a Spockism? Marshmallows, I meant!
  • 20:15:42: Face... Numb... Second bottle of Saki consumed. You must admire my ability to thumb type on iPhone impaired... Autocorrect is my friend.
  • 20:20:59: Ah, my charms came in!!!!! For my Sucker Punch Babydoll costume! http://twitpic.com/4skj7z

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