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  • 13:22:46: All aflutter over the new Doctor Who tonight!

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  • 13:19:12: My pedometer: Today covered 1.5 mi in 27 min and burned 113 Cals
  • 13:20:34: For the record, I may come from an island people but it's too mudda-f'cking hot to be walking at noon!
  • 13:21:59: Charlie horse in one calf, strained muscle in the other. Moar potassium in mah diet is required!
  • 14:39:55: You're looking great, Kirstie, but no way in HELL that's a US size 6, not in my reality, anyway! http://tinyurl.com/3goyjzy

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  • 07:58:38: I earned the Carving Prodigy achievement in #TradeNations! Trade with me: Jameydee http://bit.ly/aQQIY1?4262
  • 09:07:25: @RozKaveney Promises, promises! ::waits by mailbox::
  • 18:14:45: The brain was on overdrive today. Got lots done at work. Now it's in OFF mode...
  • 21:32:08: Backing up a friend's laptop before putting in the new drive. Like watching paint dry. Under humid conditions.

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  • 14:12:08: Overheard at next table: I'm BUSY! I'm CHEWING! (kids)
  • 19:46:10: T minus 15 minutes for "A Game of Thrones! Quick Taco run!
  • 20:19:49: Mike is killin' me - waiting for him to get out of the WC so we can start #GameofThrones on the DVR. #revengeoftacobell
  • 20:22:24: Got the DVR paused on the opening credits of #GameofThrones - MIKE, ARE YOU STILL IN THE LOO?
  • 20:24:40: Soooo bad this weekend. Bought the clearance Livescribe Pen, got a digital picture frame/iPhone video dock, a new XBox with Kinect kit...
  • 20:26:27: ...also signed & numbered "Art of Sucker Punch" book, a book of single-skein knitting projects, a fancy-schmancy Cyborg R.A.T. mouse...
  • 20:27:42: Not to mention the shtuff that arrived during the week: two air guns (for the Babydoll costume I'm putting together)
  • 20:28:25: ...and the charms that will arrive next week for the gun... Oh, yeah, and my business cards arrived... Bought a card case to put them in.
  • 20:33:06: Retail therapy... http://twitpic.com/4m93xw
  • 21:08:46: Omigawd, so much is dead-on in #GameofThrones. Bran jumping along the parapet. Arya. The dire pups.
  • 21:12:23: omigawd, Viserys (Harry Lloyd) was Jeremy Baines/Son of Mine in the Doctor Who episodse "Family of Blood"/"Human Nature" #GameofThrones
  • 21:41:02: #GameofThrones was magnificent!
  • 21:43:46: You KNEW how they were gonna end this first show if you read #GameofThrones !!! And they did!
  • 21:44:47: @Luke_Kerr It seemed like that helmet would clank quite a bit - but still awesome! #GameofThrones
  • 22:20:08: RT @GameOfThrones: RT this for a chance to win a #GameofThrones poster set. DARK WINGS, DARK WORDS. Game of Thrones premieres on @HBO at 9.
  • 22:22:41: In retrospect: doggy-style: The Official #gameofthrones position
  • 22:54:59: The Great Gatsby was one of my favorite books growing up. This makes me sad: http://tinyurl.com/3jy83gw

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Cataclysm in general: Cataclysm made questing fun again. The story lines and cut scenes and the generous use of phases (where once you finish a certain quest, the terrain is permanently changed by your advancement through the plot), and the wonderful sense of humor--Blizzard hit it out of the park. The graphics, particularly in the underwater realm, are amazing, and I've experienced the sense of wonder I had when I first started playing. I've gotten my main, Swansong, to 85, and am now raising my priest, Sis.

The after-85 game: ...eh, not so much. I don't live to raid and the guild is still building up its pool of well-geared 85s, so even if I was a hardcore raider, we're not ready. But like every other expansion, the game becomes rep grinds and repetitious heroic dungeon runs for points for better gear.

Tanks are blessed with insta-queue--there's apparently a tank shortage! Healers wait maybe 10 minutes, because post-Cataclysm it's a much tougher job than it used to be. The wait for a DPS player is 45+ minutes. If, like me, you've literally finished every quest in the new areas, killing that 45 minutes can be problematic.

And once you get into a dungeon...?

The amount of "assholery" in heroic PUGs (translation: Pick-Up Groups for dungeons set at the highest difficulty) is pretty high. Healers, tanks, DPS just drop out of groups without warning, even during boss fights, if they don't feel the group is "elite" enough to carry them through easily. Personally, if a group is honestly trying, and I see progress being made on successive tries, I'll stick with them. Hell, I'm still learning, too! I mean, even though I'm decently geared (and got my first Cataclysm epic last night!), I am a relatively new 85, and I don't know all the subtle differences between regular and heroic versions of the boss fights--and everyone is too darn l33t to explain. Those subtle enhanced tactics can mean the difference between a group's success or failure. Everything I learn, I can bring back to the guild.

So after my 45 to 1 hour wait, I keep ending up in a heroic dungeon already in progress (remember what I said about people just dropping out leaving a group in the lurch)--which means, I've missed out on previous boss loot and faction--I'm just in it for my valor points (currency for enhanced gear). I grit my teeth, join in, and pay my repair bill afterward, but lately, I've said screw it, and just do regular dungeons to earn rep. Or go play an alt.

Once we have a few more geared 85s, I'm never running a PUG again!

That said, it's a humbling experience to go in with a bunch of 85s into heroics and get your ass handed to you by the first boss in the Dead Mines. Or to wipe repeatedly on the first boss in Shadow-f'cking-Fang Keep. These newly revamped dungeons are the same ones Swansong used to solo for fun when they were low-level! My philosophy has always been, "One day we will laugh that these dungeons ever caused us problems..." and thus it has ever been in every expansion, but it's always a good thing to remember when you're paying a 100 gold repair bill!


The PLAYERS: A new expansion always brings an influx of new players as well as reviving the interest of former players who may have dropped out. I don't know if it's the tea party influence or what, but suddenly people seem freer to let their freak flag fly in public chat areas. I'm not talking about the typical childish talk that seems to be eternal (the "anal" meme and the "Harry Potter and the ____" meme, or Chuck Norris or "Your mom ___", I'm talkin' hate speech.

Trade chat is global and it's always been filled with bored people trash talking, but the racist and homophobic stuff being said has reached a new level.

We've always had a large number of French-speaking players on our server (they wear it proudly, such as "The Mighty Froggers"), but lately we've had an influx of Spanish-speaking players in our battlegroup, many from Argentina and Brazil. I was in a PUG where the tank, healer, and DPS were Argentinian, with only the healer being bi-lingual. Swan and the other DPS, a hunter, were the only English-as-a-primary language members of the five-man group.

The hunter started in immediately, "Damn dirty Mexicans, speak English. God, f*cking Mexicans are everywhere. Can't get away from them even in the damn game."

The bilingual player simply disregarded him. The tank understood enough English to type that he wasn't a Mexicanos, but Argentinian.

The hunter continued in this vein for half the run. "F*cking Mexicans need to learn how to play."

In the meanwhile, the hunter kept attacking the wrong target, was taking enormous damage, and the healer kept saying in English, "Hunter, attack the tank's target, don't just pick one."

I finally typed to the hunter, "Shut up and play, you're an embarrassment to the United States, you stupid racist. And L2P your class." ("L2P" for non-gamers = Learn to Play.)

They finally voted to kick him, not because he was a loud mouth racist, but because he was a piss-poor player who didn't understand dungeon group dynamics.

I hate when people drag their politics into WoW. I don't care if the tank speaks effin' FARSI as long as he can hold aggro on the mobs!

Oh, yeah, the new low - someone posted someone's real name, phone number, email in chat and invited people to add her on facebook and ask for nude pictures. The general consensus was, "So she dumped you, eh?"


I've heard several game companies sayin' they thought the single player game was pretty much dead. All I can say is sometimes the thought of playing an RPG game quietly without having to deal with trash-talking idiots can be quite relaxing.
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They shattered Azeroth yesterday and all I can say is WOW!  The retooling of the graphics just had me gaping like a n00b rolling her first character in an MMO.    Everything old was new again!  Just rolling through Stormwind, I was stopping and staring every few seconds, from the amazing new water effects and the high res textures, to the cascading fountain in front of Stormwind Keep, to the newly grown-up Prince Anduin!  And the broken statute in the Valley of Heroes and the charred tower tops, not to mention the blackened crater where The Park used to be!

I was yelling to Mike every few seconds, “Come see this!  Come see this!”  Flying over Stranglethorn Vale from the Rebel Camp to Booty Bay, I was mesmerized by the new treetops.  I rode through Zul Gurub, no longer a raid instance.  I chortled to see the fresh logs where the ramps running up and down Booty Bay had been repaired, stared at the great singed goblin statue in the harbor, braced with ropes.  I giggled like a madwoman to see that Gadgetzan was NOW A COASTAL CITY!!!

Kudoes to Blizzard for making me feel like everything old was new again! Can't wait to get home and do more exploring!

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O.MI.GAWD. Gleaned from wikipedia:

  • Duran Duran covered the song "Fish Heads" live on the group's RedCarpet Massacre World Tour
Must. FIND!

"Fish Heads" (by Barnes and Barnes AKA Bill Mumy and Robert Haimer) is the most insidious ear worm of all time for me.  I shall be humming, "Fish heads, fish heads, rolly-poly fish heads, fish heads, fish heads, eat 'em up, yum!" all day long.

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You should really download the free podcast of last night’s Rachel Maddow Show when she had Jon Stewart on. The whole hour was the two of them, one-on-one. (11/11 show, you can watch the uncut interview on maddowblog.msnbc.com or download the show from iTunes)

I have to admit, it kinda took the shine off my liking for Jon, least of which was his defense of torture. His insistence that Fox is "ideological" but not "partisan" is a nuance without distinction. Particularly when, in the next hour, "Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell", it was shown how Fox was propagating the lie that Obama's trip to India was costing $200 million a day across multiple shows and sourcing "the internet" for the figure. (Even high school students don't get away with that kind of sloppy research.) MSNBC may come with a point of view, but it is a view based on objective facts. To conflate what Fox does with what MSNBC does is intellectually dishonest. How is another point of view supposed to combat the screaming on the Right when only one side actually tries to use their "indoor voice?"

It is telling that here Jon is, having a civil, spirited, good-natured discussion with someone who disagrees with him, and THEY ARE BOTH FROM THE SAME SIDE BECAUSE NO ONE ON THE RIGHT WOULD EVER BE WILLING TO SIT DOWN AND HAVE THIS SAME KIND OF DISCUSSION. It's a problem. What's the use of the progressives moderating their voices when they are the only ones who do? Only liberals engage in the circular firing squad. Conservatives at least point their guns in the same directions.

Sorry for the soapbox.
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"MSNBC states it wasn't the contribution itself, but the fact that Olbermann failed to get advance approval before making it."

So Keith didn't ask for permission to make a political donation as a private citizen first.

What's the takeaway here? You can get yer ass fired for not getting permission from your employer before making a political donation, but it's okay for a corporation to spend any amount it wants and it doesn't even need to disclose that they've done so let alone how much.

The corporatists have won.
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Halston is current living in my front foyer. Yeah, not ideal, but for the moment, that's where he is. He has a large playpen connected to a portable doggy cage. Again, not ideal, but it is what it is. At least he is safely contained and has room to run, toys, and a litter box.

Whenever you pass his cage, he grabs the bars with his teeth and rattles the door. "Play with me!" He's extremely social.

So, this morning, I came downstairs with the intention of letting Halston out for a little extended run time outside his cage before I went to work. Silence greeted me.

I was sleepy, so I rubbed my eyes and looked again. The cage door was closed. But there was no bunny inside. The playpen was empty. "Uh, where's the bunny?"

There's a doggy door at one end of the hallway and a cobbled-together barrier at the top of the stairs. Both stood open. Great, I thought, a big house and a free-ranging bunny of questionable litter box habits who doesn't know his name yet! I started roaming the house looking for an orange and black bunny. Oh, yeah, and he discovered the joys of jumping up on furniture, so I wasn't just looking on the floor and under furniture, but also on furniture. Angelbunny once eluded me for hours by hopping up on a dining room chair, hidden by the tablecloth.

I was getting quite distraught when I found myself at Belle's doggy door. "Where's the bunny, Belle?" Belle just looked at me.

Halston picked that moment to run up to me and nudge me for petting. Oh, and suddenly, he gave me the full bunny trust treatment for the first time. When a friendly bunny lets you pet him but doesn't know you very well, he'll go into the "presentation" position, head lowered, haunches beneath him, but his body will still be tense, ready to run if things go south. As he starts to know you and trust you, he'll slowly relax and lie down flatter and flatter. So far, Halston was willing to be petted, but he wasn't flattening out, he was still wary.

So I started to pet him and he melted down like a pat of butter, even stuck his legs out to the side. Little manipulative monster! It was a move guaranteed to melt a bunny-lover's heart. I petted him for a while and then herded him back into his pen.

And just as I was closing the doggy door, he was out again!

An examination revealed he had chewed through the zipties that fastened his cage to the playpen.

Houdini bunny!

I put a series of new zipties in place and put him back in his cage.

Immediately the bar rattling began. "Let me out, you coppers!"

I am sure that once I left to go to work, sharp little teeth immediately began working on the new zipties. Gosh, I hope I replaced the barrier at the top of the stairs...


Nov. 3rd, 2010 11:40 am
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I can't help but be amazed that I've managed to write over 3400 words thus far. We're only on Day 3, but considering how little I've written in the last decade, the fact that I've made my writing goals twice in a row is nothing short of miraculous! How far can I go?!

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Shoot me

Nov. 1st, 2010 01:03 pm
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Teleconference hits and passes its 3rd hour. God help me.

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Teleconference first thing in the morning. No end in sight. Sooooo boring. Here as technical expertise. My part won't come up for ages, but no escape. Must be here. Also, hungry!

In every meeting of this sort, there's always one person who has just read up on something and now it's the tool of choice. He's got a brand new hammer and everything is a nail, whether or not it has a screw head on top. So he's Team XML all the way. Argh!


Not enough sleep. Belle has been barking at an opossum that has taken up residence in our backyard. She has a high, piercing bark. Got mad and yelled at her. She was sufficiently cowed to go into her "grumble bark" where she barks under her breath, what I call her "indoor voice." That lasted all of 20 minutes. Then I yelled at her from the upstairs balcony and there was the sudden silence of surprise.

Anyway, my eyes are red-rimmed and I'm exhausted. I long to go home and pet a soft, fuzzy bunny.
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Well, so far Halston's a sweetie. He's supposed to be 1 1/2 old, which means he's an uproarious teenager still. He likes to be petted and begs for attention whenever you walk past his cage. He's pretty fearless and on the bossy side, so whoever had him apparently took good care of him. He has a vague notion of the litter box function, but he's been in a big pen filled with litter at the petshop, so he may need some reminding.

He's orange and black and his nose is a black smudge. He's long and lean, has an elegant swoop to his body, and has tall ears. In contrast, the girls, Scruffy and Dusty have short little ears and are probably half his length. He has a long face, very different from the girls and the departed Angelbunny, very deer-like. He's probably a rex; he has the thick, velveteen fur of a rex rabbit, very much a joy to touch.
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originally uploaded by Jamey Dee.
Just finished building a temporary playpen for my new bunny Halston. He's a runner, but I don't know how his litterbox skills are. I felt guilty about going to work tomorrow and him being cooped up in the tiny cage.

I built the play area out of 14"x14" wire squares used for shelving zip-tied together. They will eventually be used to build him a condo to live in and I'll dispose of the dog cage entirely.

I wish I had some cardboard to put over my poor flooring.... Ah, well, it's Georgia fieldstone; it can take it.
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Yes, it's madness. My menagerie is bursting to overflowing: two bunnies (Scruffy and Dusty), a chihuahua (Belle), and a hedgehog (Allon-sy), not to mention the two stray cats we feed and who have taken up abode in our backyard (Pumpkin and Tigger), but I was in Petland this afternoon and there was this soft, fuzzy bunny who enjoyed being petted. Turns out he was an adoptee, about a year and a half old -- free to a good home! It was as if Angelbunny himself, my late great bunny, the best bunny ever, had reached out and said, "Him!" Angelbunny, you see, was a "free to a good home," and we got him on the Fourth of July weekend. This bunny was orange and black and here it is, Halloween weekend! I know, it's rationalizing, but this bunny called to me!

Mike just shook his head because it's not like we've ever figured out where to put the girls, Scruffy and Dusty. I had originally planned to put them where Angelbunny used to live, but then we got Belle, and her need for a doggy door kind of negated all our previous plans. So the bunnies are still in their "temporary" pen in front of the TV and occupying a huge chunk of my den floor. I need to figure this all out once and for all!

In the meantime, the new bunny is the cage that once served as Angelbunny's "antechamber." It had been AB's cage for 1 week until I decided he needed more room and I built him this ridiculously large two-story cage from 14"x14" wire squares. I need to recreate it for the girls and then build the new bunny his own wire square condo.

I think the new bunny's name is Hal, short for Halloween.

Many pictures to follow.
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