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My current bunnies, Scruffy and Dusty, are strange, fey creatures. I bought them on impulse a month and a half after Angelbunny died, trying to fill the void after The Best Bunny Ever passed on.

Two years now, and they are minimally friendly. They are kinda litterbox trained. They will tolerate about 5 seconds of petting before skittering away. And, truthfully, there are times when I think that Scruffy is Dusty's bunny. Scruffy is especially skittish and distrustful.

Anyway, in vain I have been calling each by name and feeding them treats when they come. This weekend, Scruffy came to wall of her pen and stretched her nose toward me. She was begging for treats. I fed her some choice bits of dried carrot and refilled their food bowl. On impulse, I started slowly and gently stroking her back and the top of her head. And she let me! This went on for several minutes! She actually put her head down into "presentation" position--this is bunnyspeak for "Groom me, peon!" A break-through!

Of course, two steps may be taken forward, but, inevitably, a step will be taken back. I noticed Scruffy, a lion-head rabbit with a "dust ruffle"--long hair around her head and extremities--had a large wad of...well, there's no nice way to say it...dried poop and hay stuck to her dust ruffle. Mike and I had no choice but to burrito her in a towel with her butt sticking out and wash her backside and cut the fur that was too matted to save.

When we finally freed her back into the pen, she gave us a very hearty footflip, the bunny equivalent of "F*ck you and the horse you rode in on" before sulking in a corner. But, honestly, she's got to feel better not dragging a ton of dried poop by her butt hairs! Granted, she is a bit balder back there...

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