Jan. 3rd, 2006

Catching up

Jan. 3rd, 2006 10:51 am
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Christmas/holiday aftermath: the tune of "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" is stuck in my head.

Chaser: Excellent new audio tracks by Jarret for his forthcoming CD have helped displace the above tune for a bit.

Sleep cycle status: Utterly destroyed by holiday WoW binge-playing.

Resolution: Who needs sleep anyway?

Self knowledge expanded: I suffer from night-time acid reflux.

Explains: I've been suffering from constant throat and sinus trouble for a year or two now, which in turn has disrupted my sleep. Turns out at least a large percentage of that trouble is because my sinuses and throat have been constantly torn up by stomach acid at night. I finally figured this out when I woke up coughing violently and my esophagus, throat and sinuses were bathed in acid. A week of Pepcid A/C before bed-time, and I sleep like a baby, and I can breathe at night. I'll have to go to a doctor for a long-term solution, since you're not supposed to pop Pepcid indefinitely.

The realm of hard-core gaming entered: My guild is going to Molten Core as part of a small guild alliance. Molten Core is a 40-person dungeon; we'll field about 6 to 8 of those slots. Amazingly, the other night, we had 12 people from the guild logged on at the same time, of which 8 were over Level 50! We've been adding 1 or 2 people to the guild each week, and we're not even recruiting. People have been ASKING. :) Last night, we finally conquered the dungeon Scholomance as a guild raid. We've tried once or twice before and we had a big problem with coordinating attacks, since many of our members are too accustomed to solo-ing. The beginning was rocky. After people caused total party wipes a few times, they started listening to my directions a little more closely. The last two-thirds of the run went smoothly as players figured out their roles and we got our timing down.

Seasonal sadness: We did not make our usual Christmas season trek to New Orleans.

Future fun: Planning to see the touring Broadway production of "Wicked" at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta in late May.

Christmas loot: Fun games, gift cards, clothes. Main gift deferred by gang -- no one can figure out what to get me. So b'day and Christmas are still riding. :) Even *I* cannot tell anyone what I'd like. I don't know.

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