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Land Dump

Feb. 1st, 2006 09:44 am
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The other side responds:  (::posted with much eye rolling::)

Published - January, 18, 2006 
Viewpoint: Time for reality check on Saufley landfill
Autumn Morgan

The Saufley Field landfill has been a hot topic lately. It has been pinpointed for causing headaches, irritated eyes, odors and various other health concerns.

Step back, Pensacola, and realize that there are many other factors that have caused and contributed to most of these health concerns.

We were hit by a major hurricane last year that stirred up pollen and dust, promoted the growth of mold and mildew and left a virtual breeding ground for mosquitoes. Our recent weather also has contributed and has been instrumental in stirring up these health hazards. This is our local trash and debris, not refuse transported in from Mississippi or Louisiana.

The landfill is a tax-paying, revenue-generating business that employs many local people. Why should we care if the owners came from Louisiana or Mississippi? They live and shop in our community and pay taxes to our city, county and state just like the rest of us. Our economy has suffered enough, and we should not criticize or turn away outside businesses wanting to venture into Pensacola.

Anyone who knows and is familiar with this landfill knows that it has improved tremendously compared to when it was merely ''a mom and pop'' operation. The new owners have purchased costly equipment, completed extensive training programs and have made every attempt possible to alleviate the negative impact this site has on our community.

Instead of criticizing, we should be thanking each of these guys for working hard and long hours and helping us diminish the tremendous amount of trash and debris that piled up around our community and on our streets and houses after Hurricane Ivan. If not for the tireless efforts of everyone involved at the landfill, many of the ''hazards'' in the landfill would still be on our streets and neighborhoods. Now it's in a controlled, safe environment, and we're out of harm's way.

Where would you like to put the trash that was left behind after Hurricane Ivan? It won't go away and dissipate on its own. Stop complaining, and be thankful for what we have been given.

Autumn Morgan is a resident of Pensacola.

Funny, I didn't think mosquitoes, pollen, and mold were causing the BILLOWING BLACK CLOUD I had to ride through the other day, the one that eclipsed the sun and made me think, momentarily, that I was driving through LA smog.

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