Feb. 3rd, 2006


Feb. 3rd, 2006 11:03 am
jameydee: (sleep)
At work, the future is suddenly uncertain again.  The vast application we work on is getting rolled up into an even larger application.  Come May, we may not have a job (once again).

As I sit here and consider this, I realize...I'm okay with this.  My current company has treated me very well...but I miss what I did for the Evil Empire.  I don't miss everything that came attached with the Evil Empire, but I do miss the nature of the work--that it changed from week to week, that at any time I might be called to create a new, flashy, technical demo, to work on anything from military to commercial projects.  One day, the Navy, the next the Air Force, and later the same week, a major printer company that Grimmy used to work for, or a major real estate mega corporation.  And I miss freelance more than you can imagine--not the insane schedules, the irrational managers--but I do miss the type of work:  changing, interesting, working with different kinds of media--and being able to do it on my machine, at home, in my jeans and ratty t-shirt, with the TV blaring, the bunny underfoot.  There's a company in town who does the kind of work I'm talking about, some of the Evil Empire refugees ended up there--I have friends there.  I've been thinking very hard about jumping ship.

The other company has more than its share of problems in and of itself.  Not enough people stretched too thin for the projects they have.  Everyone seems to be on eternal crunch mode.  The legendary year-end bonuses (sometimes as high as 10% of your salary) have been abolished.  No OT pay, just comp time.  And I may be too expensive for them now.

There is another company where the grumpiest, most curmudgeonly of the Evil Empire refugees ended up.  There's a possibility I could find a place there, too.  I mean, that's what iPods were invented for, right?

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