Apr. 19th, 2006

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I worked into the wee hours last Friday night and on Saturday to ensure we made our Monday morning testing deadline.  I had a party planned for Easter Sunday, so the whole weekend was kinda brutal between working and housework in preparation for the party.  But I finished.  I took a break for dinner Friday night, went out to dinner with Mike and the gang at Macaroni Grill, had some sangria, a chocolate martini.  They have paper over their table cloths there, and they give you crayons to doodle with, so when inspiration struck, I was able to work out the algorithm for the last part of the program I had to finish.  Then, when I went back to work at 8:30 PM, it was all crystal clear, and all that was left was the tedious task of implementation.  At 1:00 AM, I was starting to get punchy, and I screwed up the simple code of the log-in routine, so I called it quits.  (And, no, it was not a case of CUI -- coding under the influence).

Saturday, I put things to right with the login, caught a few more bugs, worked out some privilege problems, and then did one last pass through the requirements, making sure I was performing all the specified validations to the data.  Caught one or two more small things, felt good enough to leave.

Sunday was fun, Pensacola Pete cooked steak and pork tenderloin and made a pasta dish with a sauce of sundried tomatoes and garlic to die for.  Company was good, even though late in the evening, all the WoW fanatics were back at it, and we ended up watching one of my guests while he went through the full Molten Core 40-man raid on one of my gaming computers.  It was cool for most of us because we've never seen anything past the 3rd of 8 bosses in MC.  The last boss was awesome to see, 40 stories tall in comparison to the players, and the players seemed like frantic ants.  One day, we'll get there, I hope.

Monday, I took my sweet time rolling into work, coming in at 9:00.  What I didn't know:  when my DBA set up the test environment, things didn't work immediately.  She thought it was the ASP side of the house, so she frantically made mods to my code.  When I did roll in, all was quiet...

Then the error reports started coming in.  My carefully crafted validation routines were letting all kinds of crap through. I looked at the code and said, "WTF?!"  SYNTAX ERRORS?  SYNTAX ERRORS in my validation routines?!!!  Someone had fiddled with the ASP code that generated my Javascript routines and done it incorrectly, so Javascript variables were being set to null -- part of the DBA's assumptions, y'know, that the ASPs weren't getting initial values correctly.  And as it turns out, her assumption that the problem was with the ASP was unfounded -- it was the database configuration all along.

So I've spent my days unraveling the havoc she wrought on my code.  Today, I finally got a legitimate hit on one of my routines.  Saturday night, I remember thinking about the problem in ASP of capturing the NULL value from the database...but I was so tired I couldn't remember why I needed to.  Okay, okay, now I remember.  Took two lines of new code and the revamping of an elaborate IF statement, but all is good.  But it still IRKS me to no end to take the big error report against my validations.  GRRRRRrrrrr.

Next go around, I demand some sort of version control system.

During all of this, my sinuses have been on congestion production overdrive.  Coughing, drippy nose, so tired.  I know, I know, go to the doctor, but getting the tired, old, tried and true antibiotic treatment is pissing me off when it doesn't help.  I've been through the Z-Pack 5 or 6 times in the past 2 years.  It dulls the symptoms down, but doesn't clear them up, and screws up my stomach and gives me screaming nightmares to boot.  I've pretty much come to the conclusion that my sinus problems aren't going to end until I stop working next door to a dump.

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