May. 25th, 2006

jameydee: (naughty)
My two fav shows' finales were so frickin' satisfying, I could just bask in the afterglow for days and days.

Belatedly, I have to say I loved the "Veronica Mars" finale.  Rob Thomas didn't necessarily give us what we wanted this season, but he certainly gave us what we needed in the finale.  It made the fangirl in me go SQEEEEEeeeeeee.  Veronica and Logan, true luv for evah!  :)  Epic!  :)  I loved that even in her dream, everyone still alive, mom and dad together, it wasn't Duncan she was with, it was Logan.  We know Logan's capable of being such an asshat, but when it comes to defending the girl--he's always there.

The finale of "House" gave us everything we watch the show for ampped up to the nth degree.  Grossness!  Exploding organs!  Robo-eroticism!  (er...actually, that one is new)  And literally, pure, undiluted "House-ness" for almost the entire episode.  :)  And what a way to end the season, with the question of whether the fundamental underpinnings of House's personality--will they be changed?

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