Sep. 5th, 2006

I'm back!

Sep. 5th, 2006 02:40 pm
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Got back from DragonCon in Atlanta, GA last night. Uh, guess I never mentioned about going, huh? It was just what the doctor ordered. I had a mellow time and surprisingly little alcohol was involved. Basically, I slept in when I felt like sleeping in, went to the panels when I felt like it, didn't worry about getting into long lines or missing events, shopped and people-watched, ate relatively healthily, only logged into WoW long enough to say hi and put some stuff on auction, and that was about it.

I tried not to spend too much money. I bought a "Firefly" ornament of the ship "Serenity," a figure of Anya from "Buffy" (in the wedding dress - it was marked down), and my one true extravagance, which I cannot TELL you, I can only SHOW you later - it's more fun that way.

The Star Wars contingent was strong as always - and the 501st (the Stormtroopers) were out in full force. The Klingon numbers have dwindled sadly over the years, and the old school Trek fans were a definite minority. The Harry Potter brigade was smaller this year - though there were still enough school girl outfits to satisfy most fetishists. The Firefly and SG:1 groups were surprisingly large! The Browncoats are growing every con! And, of course, goths and vampire-wannabes were everywhere. But, by far, the fastest growing and most prominent group around were the pirates! There were pirate wenches and Captain Jack Sparrows and undead pirates and generic pirates of every type everywhere! There was even a stunning Family Guy Stewie dressed as a pirate.

I'll have more about the con later.

Tonight I have my second sleep study. This time they are going to try putting a C-PAP mask on me (continuous positive airway pressure). This should be interesting! Going to bring a digital camera this time. I want a picture with all the electrodes and sensors on my face. :)

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