Sep. 22nd, 2006

jameydee: (sleep)
Well, a quiet b'day, and aside from finding out we may have lay-offs in the near future...I guess a good one... 

Yeah, funny how all at once my seemingly calm work life can just get turned upside down.

I'm in a position where I should be relatively "safe," they say.  At the same time, we have never seen our big boss with her emotions so close to the surface.  Normally, she has a way of spinning everything into sunshine, hugs and puppies.  During the meeting, she was visibly distraught at the prospect of downsizing.  She promised to help people find other positions within our corporate structure.

I haven't been entirely idle during my silences.  I've been following the disposition of a big contract up for bids, a huge, multi-million dollar training contract - something right up my specialty.  I worked on projects related to this contract.  Rumor has run rampant that someone in the area has won it...  Turns out the Evil Empire won it, with my current company as its sub...  A little poking here and there and I've found out that, yes, the local Evil Empire office will work on it and they will be staffing up for the contract, and the OTHER office of my current company will be helping.

I've actually thought about this...I'd go back to the Evil Empire if I could keep my current salary plus just a little padding.  Why work for the Evil Empire on this other project instead of for my current company?  Well, a lesson I learned from watching Mike's situation a few years ago:  never work for the sub-contractor if you can work for the prime.  There's a lot more stability with the prime and you're generally treated better. time goes by, I realize that we had some amazing benefits at the Evil Empire compared to the Tier 2 companies I've been working for, and a very generous leave policy.  That, and, gawd, I'm tired of working on DMI/NMCI'ed computers...

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