Oct. 12th, 2006


Oct. 12th, 2006 10:50 am
jameydee: (color smile)
Late yesterday, I got a call from the other corporate office with a job offer.  I may have to float for a week (look, ma, no pay!), but I will either start work the 16th or the 23rd, depending if the contract gets awarded Friday or next week.  I'll be going in as a project manager with my own team and everything.  I'm dumbstruck.  I even got a small raise out of the move!  No more DMI, no more network Nazis!  No more checkpoints and guards and federal prisoners and a big, stinking dump to drive past!  The new office is nice, bright, open.  I'm getting a brand new PC and furniture!  (No more government issue desks from the 50's!)  No more evil DBAs!

It will be interesting to see my state in December of this year, when I've been away from the kind of stress they have here and am back in a thriving, creative, open environment. 

I was somewhat detached when I got the news, and on the drive home, I had a sudden urge to burst into tears of relief.  I dropped by the parental units to share the good news, came home, told Mike, then fell on the couch and slept through the middle of the movie, "The Island."  Finally succumbed to a head cold that's been threatening (that's how it inevitably is -- I get stressed for a long period of time -- I get sick).

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