Oct. 22nd, 2006

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So this week has been spent staring at the TV, playing WoW, organizing closets, scrubbing pots, sandpapering walls, and otherwise filling time.

Got my offer letter from the other division. A very good thing. The one problem? No start date. Tenatively, I was scheduled to start on Oct. 23rd at the latest. Okay, I thought, I'll miss half a paycheck, not tooooo bad; inconvenient, but I'll live. Now I'm looking at missing a complete paycheck. Not so happy. November will be tight. If my furlough stretches into November, Christmas will be grim.

On the bright side, at some point I'll be employed.

Filled out the unemployment forms. Got to the dropdown menu that asks reason for leaving job. The expected answers: Fired, Quit, Permanent Lay-Off, Temporary Lay-Off. I tried to put in Temporary lay-off, but then that opened up a mandatory "Return Date" field. Er...um...uh...well... So I changed it into Permanent Lay-Off. If I don't have a start date, what else am I supposed to do?

These things plague my mind.

So I guess I shall continue to putter about the house and play WoW and fret.

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