Mar. 20th, 2006

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I know, I know, I've been a bad girl about posting. I'm making an effort, I swear.

Lately, it's been all about the sinuses. A constant, low-grade sinus infection that flares up during the week (and one suspects the more I'm exposed to the fumes from the dump--which is on fire again, btw). I'm still running extremely low on leave, so a day off is out of the question, the best I can do is trim an hour off the day here and there and make it up on days when I feel a little better. Usually, I start off the week strong, then by mid-week I start feeling crappy, and by Wednesday, I'm coming home with a fever, coughing up from my throat or blowing out of my nose this noxious creamy green goo which tastes like the way the dump smells, and generally wishing I were someone else. Going home and resting for a few hours, my temperature will come down and I'll feel better the next morning. I'll make it through Friday, slowly recover all weekend, and then start the cycle all over again come Monday.

Have I said recently how much I want to work elsewhere?


So in my other attention-consuming affairs, this takes some backstory:

1984. "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom." Stetson made a high-quality wool felt Indiana Jones hat, lined on the inside (with a gold Indiana Jones logo in the lining) with white silk, with a protective plastic shield over the top of the silk, with a leather sweatband on the inside, and a dull-brass colored Indiana Jones pin on a grosgrain band. Found it in a full-service men's store in the window. I loved that hat. I was probably making $3.35 an hour in those days, but I plunked down $140 for that hat. There are many pictures of me wearing that hat on various excursions over the next decade.

Fast-forward 1998. Splash Mountain at Walt Disney World. There's actually a picture of Mike, ichicolco, me, my cousin, and my hat, moments before it was blown off my head and right off the hat leash I had attached to it into the churning waters below.

I was heart-broken. I was more heart-broken than the year my eyeglasses flew off my face at Busch Gardens and into the crocodile pit below the rollercoaster, leaving me pretty much blind until we found an eye doctor and bought some contact lenses. The hat was irreplacable. Stetson no longer made it.

I don't know WHY it never occurred to me before. Where else can you find something obscure that no one else cares about other than...ebay.

And so I combed ads. Mike ordered me one. Nice hat, right era, very close, but not the exact model, not the lined hat. I ordered another one. The cloth hat, very high quality, but still, not THE hat.

I finally determined another company holds the right to make the high-end, licensed fedora -- not the cheap ones you get at the park, but the fully-lined, of fur-felt, which is actually superior to the wool-felt of my original. But it's NOT a Stetson. I just have it in my heart to have the original, top of the line, Indiana Jones Stetson fedora. And I have been combing ebay ever since. :)


On the WoW front, the addiction continues. My little gnome warrior girl with a pink 'do is now level 51, a tiny, dual-wielding terror. I respecced Swansong as frost/arcane a while back. I'm not as powerful, but the frost specialization does have some nice defensive capabilities. I can take down more enemies at a time; it takes longer than it would when I was arcane/fire, but I don't come anywhere as close to dying.

We found a larger guild that takes non-guild pick-up players to fill out their Molten Core raids. Saturday night, after 7 or 8 MC raids with various groups, we took down our first boss, Luciferon. Heck, I finally got to roll on something for the first time the previous raid with this group. I lost the roll, but it was cool to be that close to epic equipment for a change.

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