Jun. 13th, 2006

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I'm still pining for my lost Dell Axim. And, yes, I still keep hoping I put it down somewhere around the house. Nevermind the patent obviousness of the fact it ain't here. I'm still looking, d*mmit.

I indulged in some shopping therapy Sunday. I bought myself a Nintendo DS Lite. Yes, it is functionally equivalent to my previous Nintendo DS Phat (as it has been dubbed), but the improved ergonomics and awesomely bright screen make it worth the purchase. All my games seem shiny and new again. The redesigned handheld has a definite iPod feel to it, without the delicate, easy-to-scratch-iness part.


I just made my appointment with the doctor finally. I hate the idea of going if only because by the time I go to a doctor, I always feel better. I feel stupid talking about problems past, even if the past is just a day or two ago. The fact that the problems WILL flair up again without fail is without consequence. Unless I'm actively suffering at the time, I feel like I'm just talking outta my *ss, you know, whining. I think the whole anxiety of going to the doctor just overwhelms all other physical symptoms.

Friday, I almost fell asleep at the wheel on the drive home from work. That actually happens to me quite a lot...a couple of hours after a meal, about quitting time, I get unbearably tired. All the minor fender benders I've been involved with for the past 5 or 6 years...were on the drive home, where I drifted into the car in front of me. I combat it with a cold drink or caffeine before I drive home now, but usually the caffeine keeps me up at night, too.
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Setting: teleconference
Agenda: A long laundry list of requirement defects to discuss with the customer
Attendees: Lotsa, lotsa detail-oriented people

Me<--nuts and bolts kinda girl. I don't need to be here. Just tell me what the app is supposed to do. I don't care how you get to that decision, y'know?

Lifesaver: laptop with GPRS connection to keep me sane.


Another job opening at a former Evil Empire rival...web development and ASP programming. I'm tempted, but on the other hand, I'm finally about to get to do some real programming here. If I stick it out another year, I can say on my resume that I worked on a world class enterprise application, the largest app of its type. It'd be quite a feather in my cap. It's just...the pain associated with staying.

I guess I'll throw my hat in the ring, just to see what they'll offer money-wise...


Mike had an ultrasound on his leg yesterday--I'm happy to report he does NOT have a bloodclot in his leg. Sometime swelling is just swelling, nothing dire.


ZING! One good thing that has come out of this endless meeting -- I was vindicated in my interpretation of the requirements versus Q/A. :) I was dreading the amount of coding that was ahead of me if I was proven wrong. Right now, there is no overtime, yet we have a major turnover on Monday--so my weekend has been saved and my reading comprehension skills vindicated. :)


Things which make no sense. Everyday before lunch, the cleaning crew comes in and empties our trash (approx. 11 AM). So any food containers you have sit in your trash overnight until taken away the next day. Wouldn't it make more sense to empty the trashcans AFTER lunch? It's not a big thing except on Wednesday--when the entire building does a big order at a Chinese take-out joint. A couple of curry containers sitting overnight...it can get quite pungent!

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